Update | 进展

11/08/2018: Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Janet Austin gives royal assent to Bill 53, which changes the rules the day before the earliest date that official recall campaigns can begin.



EPA ArmorBC NDP Government fast-tracked Bill 53, Recall and Initiative Amendment Act, on 11/06/2018. Bill 53 passed its 2nd reading, committee stage, and 3rd reading on the same day, amazingly fast! Please read this report to learn more. Bill 53 is awaiting Royal Assent and is anticipated to become a law by 11/09/2018.

省新民主党政府于11/06/2018快速通过了第53号法案,Recall and Initiative Amendment Act。 53号法案在同一天通过了二读,委员会阶段和三读,速度惊人! 阅读此报告以了解更多信息。 第53号法案正在等待皇家同意,预计将于11/09/2018成为法律。bill53-progressLearn the progress of the bill here. Image credit: 1 and 2