About Recall | 关于召回

In Canada, recall is a process unique to BC. It is a process that a registered voter can petition to remove a Member of the Legislative Assembly from office.

A voter can only petition to recall the Member for the electoral district in which they were registered to vote in the most recent election.

Recall is an essential component of democracy, and British Columbians are very fortunate to own this right. To prevent this democracy process from being abused, a successful recall requires the voter must collect signatures from more than 40% of voters eligible to sign the petition in that electoral district.

For more details, please visit Elections BC: http://elections.bc.ca/recall-initiative/recall/


在加拿大,召回(罢免)制度是卑诗省独有的一个民主过程。 这是一个选民可以请愿召回(罢免)其选区省议员的过程。


召回是民主制度的一个重要组成部分,BC省民有幸拥有这项权利。 为防止这个权利被滥用,法律规定,只有当一个召回请愿收集到这个选区40%选民的签字,这个召回请愿才能成功。