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Recall David Eby

This form is intended for voters who are eligible to sign a petition to recall Mr. David Eby, Member of the Legislative Assembly from office.  You are eligible to sign such a petition if you:

1) are a registered voter in B.C., and

2) have been registered to vote in the Vancouver – Point Grey electoral district in the 2017 BC General Election.

此表格适用于有资格签署请愿书从而召回(罢免)省议员David Eby(尹大卫)先生的选民。 如果您满足以下两个条件,那么您即有资格签署这样的请愿书

1) 您是BC省的注册选民,并且

2) 在2017年省选中,您是温哥华Point Grey选区的注册选民

This form is NOT an official recall petition. This form is NOT an online signature. The purpose of this form is to express your interest in signing a petition (if there is such a petition in the future) to remove Mr. David Eby, Member of the Legislative Assembly from office. Please visit to learn more about the recall process. According to the law, applications for recall petitions cannot be submitted to Elections BC during the 18 months after the Member was elected.

这个表格不是一个正式的召回请愿。这个表格不是一个在线签名。这个表格的目的是征集您对签署一个将省议员David Eby先生召回的请愿(如果未来有这么一个请愿)的意向。根据法律规定,省议员当选后的18个月之内不得召回。因此,最早的召回请愿必须在省议员当选之后18个月才能提交。请访问BC选举委员会了解更多召回请愿注意事项。